Mentor Text Review: Boo Loves Books

6 Traits in writing mentor text
  • Author: Kaye Baillie
  • llustrator: Tracie Grimwood
  • Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Boo Loves Books by Kaye Baillie and Tracie Grimwood is a touching book about learning to read, overcoming anxiety and cute dogs. Books and dogs in the same story…need I say any more?

Suggestions For Using This Mentor Text To Teach Writing:

This text could spark lots of IDEAS for writing- what do you get worried or anxious about? How have you overcome that? How have your pets helped you? Etc.

I love the WORD CHOICE in this book- there are plenty of rich tier 2 words: announcement, whooped, climbed onto, rumbled, frowned, shuffled, explained, clutching etc. There are also some beautiful phrases: “Phoebe’s tummy went flip, flop, flip” “eyes not scary but soft.” I have to mention the illustrations in this text too, they are heartwarmingly gorgeous (and they contain a diversity of characters).

Suggestions For Using This Mentor Text To Teach Reading:

There are so many CONNECTIONS young (and old) readers could make with this text. Don’t just make the connection though (‘I read to my dog too’) go deeper and think about how those connections help you to better understand the characters and plot in this book (‘I can relate to how the dog makes her feel- all warm and safe’). You could ask students to compare and contrast Phoebe and Big Boo- How are they similar? How are they different? Even young readers could get into this discussion.

Finally, use the pictures to introduce the concept of INFERRING to students. How are the characters feeling? How do you know?

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