Mentor Text Review: Why I love Summer

  • Author: Michael Wagner
  • Illustrator: Tom Jellett
  • Publisher: Penguin Australia

Why I Love Summer is a charming book about the joys of the Australian summer. It would be a terrific mentor text for helping students to develop arguments for a topic they are passionate about. In this book Michael Wagner doesn’t just list the reasons he loves summer, he adds extra supporting details in a way that engages the reader. He has thought really carefully about the things that make summer so special to him and written about those things.

This text would also be useful for looking at introductions and conclusions as they aren’t stiff and contrived in this text (unlike many of our students’ attempts). The other great thing about this text is that it helps our students to see that persuasive writing takes many forms- it isn’t all intro, 3 paragraphs and a conclusion (who knew!?).

Michael Wagner also has another book called Why I Love Footy, this would be worth checking out as well.

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