Remote Learning

Remote Learning: when the learner and teacher are separated by time and/or distance and therefore cannot meet in a traditional classroom setting.

Australian schools are fast approaching the need to engage in remote learning with their students. It makes sense then, to turn to our international colleagues to see how they have already approached this very challenge.

I recently interviewed four teachers from Beijing, Hong Kong and South Korea to get their perspectives and advice on this topic. View their responses in this post: Remote Learning Advice From teachers Who Are 8 Weeks In.

Following the remote learning interviews and post, I engaged in a live interview with three F-2 teachers from an international school in Beijing.

Note: this recording of the original interview (live streamed on the Oz Lit Teacher Facebook group) includes 3 additional pearls of wisdom added by the teachers after the live interview had ended.

Many thanks to Bec Taylor, Lauren Van Rooyen and Erin Fazekas for generously donating their time and advice in this interview.

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The information gained through this sample parent STARTUP survey could assist with more effective planning in a remote learning environment. This would be best administered via an online platform such as Google Forms (you know I’m a big Google lover) or Microsoft Forms or even Survey Monkey. You can pick your own poison!

A review survey such as this is aimed at gathering information and feedback from parents and/or students about their remote learning experience. You could send this our after the first week or fortnight to gather insights that can help you to tweak or adjust your program/approach. This sample is aimed at parents of junior students, you could easily modify these questions to direct them straight to students.


You don’t want to overload the parents or students with surveys. Consider how often you would send the review survey and, if the child has multiple teachers (as in high school etc), consider sending out one survey as a year level team. You could then use the responses to look for themes and make adjustments accordingly.

Planning for remote teaching and learning

My recommendation for planning remote teaching and learning sequences is to use the following three questions as a guide:

  • Is it reasonable?
  • Is it purposeful?
  • It is sustainable?

You can read more about this advice in this post: Tips For Preparing Student Work During School Closures

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