Teach writing with Confidence

Online writing course for primary teachers

Most of us are readers but we aren’t writers, this means we often feel less confident when teaching writing than we do when teaching reading.

Is this true for you?:

  • Your writing lessons fall off your timetable because you aren’t quite sure how best to teach it.
  • You’re interested in learning about ways to teach writing that go beyond formulaic writing structures.
  • You want to add more authenticity, creativity and passion to your writing lessons but you’re not sure how.

If so, this self-paced online course is just for you!

Course Outline

In this course we’ll look at:

  • The 6 key qualities of effective writing instruction.
  • What research says about effective writing instruction.
  • Practical ways to increase student engagement and skill in writing.
  • Choosing and delivering effective minilessons in writing for students in years 2-6.

As with all Oz Lit PDs, you’ll walk away from it with lots of practical strategies to trial in your classroom straight away. You’ll also be dusting off your own writing pen throughout the course so be prepared to put yourself in your students’ shoes.

Course Structure

This self-paced online course is designed to enable you (or your team) to work through it at your own pace. This is perfect for individual teachers or for groups of teachers to work through together (it would made an ideal PLC study!)

The Teach Writing with Confidence course is divided into 6 modules of pre-recorded lessons, each with discussion and reflection opportunities.

A bonus module is also included- this module provides a sneak peek into 4 lessons from the Writing Traits Masterclass.

As with all Oz Lit Teacher online PDs- this course is designed to support a slow and steady approach to teacher professional development. Why? Because this approach is proven to be a much more positive, effective and sustainable way to bring about real change in teaching (and that’s what we’re all about!) You can return to the learning as many times as you want over the 12 months of your access.

Course Details

  • What: You’ll get access to all the lessons and resources for 12 months. You’ll also get a participation certificate at the end of the course.
  • When: This self-paced online PD is available to start NOW! 
  • Where:  On the Oz Lit Teacher course site (Kajabi)- you’ll get login details as soon as you sign up. You can also listen to the lessons on your phone through the Kajabi app. (Android | Apple)
  • Time: This PD is approximately 6 hours in length.
  • Cost: $220+GST per person (with 5% being donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation)
  • If you have more than 5 staff, please contact accounts@ozlitteacher.com.au for a group discount.
  • If you’d like an invoice so your school can pay, just send an invoice request to accounts@ozlitteacher.com.au


Should I do this course or the Writing Traits Masterclass first?

Ideally, you’d complete Teach Writing with Confidence (this course) before you begin the Writing Traits Masterclass.

Teach Writing with Confidence sets you up with the big picture view of all the different elements that go into effective writing instruction. It helps you put all the most helpful structures and foundational understandings into place in your writing classroom to get you to a point where you’re ready to go deeper on the WHAT of your teaching. (That’s where the Writing Traits Masterclass comes in).

Having said that- it’s not a huge problem if you do the courses the other way around.

When does this course start?

The Teach Writing with Confidence course is available all year round. You can access all the lessons as soon as you sign up.

What time and date are the lessons?

All the lessons are pre-recorded videos that you can watch at any time.
Because the course is online, you can re-watch the videos as many times as you like over the 12 month period of your access.

Will I get a Participation Certificate when i complete the course?

Yes. A personalised PDF certificate will be emailed to you when you complete the course. It has all the applicable AITSL standards marked on it and will record you as having completed 6 hours of PD.

Will this course provide me with practical ideas I can implement in my classroom tomorrow?

You bet!
The aim of every Oz lit Teacher PD is to provide teachers with the right mix of theory and practical and this course is no different.
The theory part helps you understand the WHY of what you’re doing (which means you’ll be much more likely to implement it with fidelity and not slip back into old ways) and the practical helps you to make changes to your teaching immediately.

Can I sign my whole school up to this course? Is there a whole school discount?

You sure can! In fact, we’ve had quite a few schools opt to use this course to provide flexible writing PD to their staff. Some schools have provided access to this course in place of whole school curriculum days, others have provided access for PLCs to work through at their own pace.

Email Shirl (the Oz Lit admin girl) at admin@ozlitteacher.com.au Shirl to get information on group pricing discounts.

Are there any payment plans available for this course?

No sorry, the admin involved in payments plans is a bit too complex for our brains.

What previous participants have said about teach writing with confidence:

It was such an engaging and interactive experience. I learnt so much about teaching writing and feel a lot more confident going into the next term of teaching.


As a graduate teacher, this PD really connected some dots for me in my professional practice. I often find myself identifying which areas of my teaching that I would like to improve, but you provided the learning I needed to know how I can do that. You explain things in such a clear, accessible way. The sense of humour you bring keeps the learning fun and engaging. Thank you so much Narissa!


It was refreshing to learn about the essential ingredients to teaching writing. You have such a great approach to PD and I always love attending your PDs. It was engaging, interesting and inspiring. You were real- having us not do everything at once. We need more people in leadership like you!!!


Quick! The Writing Traits Masterclass Series course closes on July 31.

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