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Keen to learn the full-strength version of small group reading practices such as Lit Circles, Reciprocal Teaching and Language Experience Approach?

Why This Course?

Working with small groups in the reading classroom is a great way to differentiate your instruction. Unfortunately though, many teachers don't receive explicit instruction in how to facilitate effective small group instruction (or they're taught a watered-down version).

What should Lit Circles look like? What does the research actually say about Reciprocal Teaching? How did the Language Experience Approach first come about? How do teachers know when to use each practice?

Ultimately this course was created to teach you everything we didn't know (but wish we did) when we first started teaching readers. It builds your knowledge on what each instructional practice is (as a well as what it isn't) and when you should use them. It's designed to give you the right mix of theory and practical so you can understand the WHY behind each part of the practice and implement the full-strength version with your students.

We loved researching each of these practices and are sure you'll find the learning fascinating and helpful too! 

What you'll learn in this course

The what, why and how of 5 different small group reading practices.

The history and research base of each of the practices.

Practical application tips and examples for each of the practices.

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What's inside the course?

In this series I've teamed up with fellow literacy consultant Mardi Gorman to explore 5 different instructional practices to teach reading to small groups. 

We explore each of the following practices in 1 hour modules:

  • Language Experience Approach
  • Strategy Groups
  • Close Reading (different to cloze reading)
  • Reciprocal Teaching
  • Lit Circles / Book Clubs

Over the course of 5 hours in total (broken down into bite-sized lessons) we explore everything you need to know to implement the full-strength version of each of these practices in your reading classroom.

You'll have access to all the lessons as soon as you sign up and can return to them as many times as you like for 12 months from your purchase date.

 You'll also be able to download a participation certificate once you've completed the course.

Course feedback


“I really loved the references to the evidence based best practices, sharing the history of the practices and then the really practical way how we can take the information straight back into our classrooms. It was so relevant to what I am wanting to implement and improve on with my own teaching.”


"What I love most about all of your PDs is that they’re practical. I can use what you have shown and bring it directly into the classroom."


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All the details:

What: This is a self-paced online course. It includes pre-recorded videos and downloadable resources. 

When: You'll have access to all the lessons as soon as you sign up and keep your access for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Price: $250AUD + GST ($275 total) per person. If you'd like to enquire about large group discounts (or pay in another currency) please email [email protected]

Time: 5 hours total

The good part: 5% of all profits from Oz Lit Teacher courses go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

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The course is accessible via desktop or laptop and even through the Kajabi app on your tablet or phone. (Which means you can listen to the lessons while out walking the dog.)