ADVANCED 6+1 Writing Traits Masterclass 

Learn more about implementation of a traits-based approach to writing in the primary school classroom. 

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Take your learning further...

This course builds on the learning from the original Traits Masterclass

I noticed that teachers who completed the original course were feeling much more confident to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their students' writing (YAY!) but were still keen to learn more about how to teach the traits to their students. This course will help you do just that!

Does this sound like you?

You've completed the original Writing Traits Masterclass and now have a few questions...

  • What does all of this look like in the classroom?
  • How do I implement all of this?
  • How do I organise my planning?
  • Do you have any other practical teaching suggestions for the traits?
  • How have other teachers used the traits in their classrooms?
  • Can you give more examples of the traits in junior classrooms?¬†


The ADVANCED Traits masterclass is about practicalities and implementation. 

It's focused on combining your traits-focused content knowledge with a deep knowledge of good teaching- including learning about the structures, processes and beliefs required to best support your student writers.

The lessons in this course have been spread between building deeper trait knowledge and building deeper implementation knowledge.

Interviews with Australian teachers have also been included in this course. These teachers generously share insights into their various approaches for implementing a traits-based approach in their classrooms (the teacher interviews range from Foundation to year 5).


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Add more teaching ideas to your toolkit

Go deeper on the traits by hearing more practical suggestions for teaching the traits to your students. 

Join all the moving parts together

Learn how to combine your knowledge of effective writing with your knowledge of effective teaching.

Learn from other educators 

Listen to interviews with  F-6 teachers who've implemented a traits-based approach in their the classrooms.

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6-hours of professional development that you can access anytime, any time, from any device.

You'll have access to the course for 12-months so you can revisit the videos and resources as many times as you like in that time.

The course is accessible via desktop or laptop and even through the Kajabi app on your tablet or phone. (Which means you can listen to the lessons while out walking the dog.)

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Testimonials from past participants

Tracey, Year 2 teacher

"OMG - this has been one of the best courses I've ever done!

You are such a dynamic presenter, you can tell that you know and love what you are talking about. I have learned so so much and the practical ideas have been awesome.

The mentor texts have sent me on a spending spree - love buying new books. The ideas that I have been able to share with staff have inspired them, so a great flow on effect."



Stef, Foundation Literacy Leader

"Riss' course is clear, precise and backed by research, while still being grounded in the day-to-day reality of teaching in an Australian classroom.

I appreciated that all the information presented is responsive to questions teachers had from the original course, and also includes the differentiation for the junior grades.

This course is some of the best professional learning out there because it's practical and highlights the importance of being responsive to your individual students/grades/cohorts rather than trying to cram everything into a one-size-fits-all model of teaching."

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All the details:

What: 6-hours of self-paced pre-recorded video lessons. The course is divided into 6 modules. Each module is approximately 1-hour long. (Perfect for PLCs)

When: All modules will be released as soon as you sign up to the course. You'll have access to the course for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Price: $250AUD + GST ($275 total) per person. If you'd like to enquire about large group discounts or pay in another currency¬†please email [email protected]

Who: Anyone who has completed the original Traits Masterclass Series or teachers who are experienced with the 6+1 traits and would like more ideas on implementing these for maximum impact in the classroom.

Other: 5% of all profits from Oz Lit Teacher courses go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

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