Dyslexia for Teachers

Develop your ability to identify, assess, teach and support

the dyslexic learners in your classroom.

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Dyslexia For Teachers

Develop your ability to identify, assess, teach and support the dyslexic learners in your classroom.

Foray into phonics

Did you know?

Dyslexia affects as many as 1 in 10 students.

It's the most common cause of difficulties with reading, writing and spelling.

Does this sound like you? 

* Do you want to develop your knowledge on what dyslexia is and how it can impact your students' literacy learning?

* Do you want to feel more confident in identifying signs of dyslexia in your struggling readers and writers?

* Do you want to improve your ability to provide realistic, practical and effective accommodations for any dyslexic students in your classroom?

 If you answered YES to any of these questions, you're in the right place. I made this course specifically for you!


Hello There

I'm Riss Leung (Chief Literacy Lover and Consultant at Oz Lit Teacher) my speciality is taking super complex research, theory and concepts breaking them down into understandable, practical advice and ideas for busy teachers and leaders.

That's exactly what I've done in this course, Dyslexia For Teachers. 

I've read and listened to loads of research articles, books, blog posts, podcasts and websites, and I've condensed all the best bits of it down into this 2.5 hour course. 


Introducing Dyslexia for teachers

Understanding dyslexia

MODULE 1: Understanding Dyslexia

Familiarise yourself with some different definitions of dyslexia.

Put yourself in your students' shoes by participating in 2 dyslexia simulations- one for reading and one for writing.

These simulations are bound to completely reshape how you understand and support your dyslexic students.

Lesson 1: What is dyslexia?

Lesson 2: Impacts of dyslexia

Lesson 3: Dyslexia simulation- Reading

Lesson 4: Dyslexia simulation- Writing

Time commitment: Approximately 45 mins + reflection time

Understanding dyslexia

MODULE 2: Diagnosing Dyslexia

Learn the long list of red flags to look out for in your readers and writers. 

Build your knowledge of the most common co-occurring difficulties (e.g. ADHD) experienced by people with dyslexia.

Consider how these comorbidities can further impact your dyslexic students' literacy learning.

Learn some tips for speaking with parents when you suspect their child has dyslexia. 

Lesson 1: Dyslexia red flags

Lesson 2: Co-occurring difficulties

Lesson 3: In-school assessments

Lesson 4: Dyslexia screener and official diagnosis info

Lesson 5: Talking with parents

Time commitment: Approximately 45 mins

Understanding dyslexia

MODULE 3: Classroom Supports

Hear about some practical and achievable accommodations you can make in your classroom to better support your dyslexic students (and benefit your non-dyslexics as well!)

Learn how to leverage the technology already available to you and your students to assist with everyday reading and writing activities.

Lesson 1: Classroom accommodations intro

Lesson 2: Classroom accommodations- SETTING

Lesson 3: Classroom accommodations- TIME

Lesson 4: Classroom accommodations PRESENTATION (Reading)

Lesson 5: Classroom accommodations RESPONSE (Writing)

Time commitment: Approximately 35 mins + reflection time

What you'll get

  • Immediate access to all 2.5 hours of lessons.
  • 3 modules of learning broken into a series of shorter pre-recorded lessons.¬†
  • Course workbook to complete tasks and reflections and record your notes.
  • 12 months access to the course.

All the details:

What: 2.5 hours of self-paced pre-recorded video lessons. The course is made up of 3 modules, each approximately 45 minutes long (Perfect for PLCs).

When: Available for immediate start. You will have access to all lessons as soon as you sign up. 

Price: $132 (GST inclusive) per person.

If you'd like to enquire about large group discounts or pay in another currency¬†please email¬†[email protected]

Who: This course is perfect for pre-service teachers, classroom teachers and school leaders.

Other: 5% of all profits from Oz Lit Teacher courses go to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

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